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Hello, welcome to our home, The Warped Village! Our name is Voxel. We're a draconic werecreature who like Minecraft, computers, and more!

A Minecraft-style low-poly model of Voxel (who is described in the “Voxel reference” image on the characters page) is standing on its hind legs, waving and talking.
Voxel waving at you! What is it saying...?

here's what we're working on right now

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a bit about us

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Minecraft is our special interest. We've been playing it for 10 years and it is an important part of our collective and individual identities.

We enjoy learning about most topics, especially topics we have no knowledge of. If you have knowledge you want to share with us, We're always open to hearing it!

We're otherkin, transgender, aroace, and plural (obviously among other things). Our collective pronouns are ze/hir/hirselves and it/its/itselves.

web toys


Transmasculine Pride Webring

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You can use either of these as our site button!

An 88 by 31 button reading “Voxel A.K.A. Rainbow Collection”. An 88 by 31 button depicting the front and sides of Voxel's Minecraft head.