🐲 about us 🌈


usernamesvoxel, warpedforest, warpedvoxel, voxel_s_
collective speciesdraconic, werecreature, Player, human
collective pronouns it/its/itselves, they/them/their/themselves
current frontrunners' pronounsze/hir/hirself, drae/draem/draer/draeself, it/its/itself
communitiesqueer, trans*, alterhuman, plural, Minecrafter, computer nerd, furry
religionUnitarian Universalist
ageyoung adult
height5’ 0.5” (153cm)
species presentavian, dog, dragon, enderman, human, owl, Player, utahraptor, wolf

pride flags

5 stripes: 2 green, white, gray, black 4 stripes: black, gray, white, purple 5 mirrored stripes: outward from the center: white, pink, blue 7 mirrored stripes: outward from the center: one white, one blue, two gray 5 stripes: pink, yellow, white, purple, blue. 3 stripes, all green; in the middle: a lighter green circle and a silhouetted dragon face 4 stripes: green, blue, purple, black

what we do

We've been playing Minecraft for ten years now. We started with Pocket Edition on an iPhone 3GS, and switched to what is now Java Edition when we got our first laptop. We fell in love with the game pretty much instantly and it's been our special interest ever since. We've been running an SMP (Survival MultiPlayer server) for alterhumans for a couple months, and another one for our meatspace friends since 2019.

Our other special interest is computers. We run EndeavourOS Linux on our laptop and Debian on our private Minecraft server. We've been daily driving various Linux distributions for almost 10 years. We majored in I.T. for a year before deciding college wasn't for us.

We engage actively with the alterhuman communities: we help run the Otherkin Wiki, run a website for Minecraft alterhumans as well as a discord server and that SMP, and our main social circles online are alterhumans.

Other things we enjoy doing include playing other video games, watching youtube, building LEGOs, making fursuits, talking with friends, and learning new things. We always seem to have a shelf of books we're meaning to read.

about the pride flags

The first two flags are aromantic and asexual, respectively. We really like the old definition of asexuality as being “self-contained sexuality.” It's only in the past year or so that we've come to terms with our orientation (or lack thereof I suppose!) and it feels very freeing.

The next two are transgender and demiboy. None of us are exactly demiboy, but it's a good word to describe our collective gender and presentation, and the sorts of people we share that with.

The next two, bigender and draconic, describe the current frontrunner. Drae is a wyrmwolf: a dragon who transforms into a wolf. Drae is also male-female bigender.

If you know anything about otherkin, you'll know that plenty of us are dragons. What you might not know is that, especially historically, there is a separate community of “draconics”, as we call ourselves. What it means to be a dragon is very broad among draconics, and may include more than literal identification-as.

The final flag is called the plural journey flag. There are a lot of flags out there for plurality (multiple personality and related), but this one is our favorite. Being in a plural system is a very complex and personal thing, and every system's journey is different.