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Here are some projects we're working on. Click the titles to visit them.

A cube with 3 visible faces. Top: dark red with dark gray edges. Left: light red with darker gray edges. Right: teal with even darker gray edges. Nylium Network

The Nylium Network is our effort to bring together alterhumans who associate with Minecraft. It's mainly a space for fictionfolk with Minecraft and Minecraft roleplay sources, but there are a few alterhumans there who just enjoy playing and discussing Minecraft with other alterhumans.

The website currently hosts a directory of writings by minecraftfolk (as we call ourselves), a map of the associated SMP Minecraft server, and a short FAQ.

A cube. The top face is white, the left face is green, and the right face is purple. All three visible faces have an alt key symbol on them. Long Dream Support Group

The Long Dream Support Group is a discord server that was the beginning of the Nylium Network. It's where most things on the Network end up happening.

We have a handful of channels, a QOTD bot, and an SMP.

The Otherkin Wiki logo: a gothic capital letter O in a box, similar looking to an illuminated manuscript but more modern. Otherkin Wiki

We and Willow and have recently taken over the Otherkin Wiki from mordecai and joey of allium (蒜) house.

This wiki is about otherkin and other alterhuman communities. We have a more rigorous standard for our page and citation quality than, say, most fandom.com wikis.