🐲 Minecraft screenshots 🌈

Hi, here are some of our favorite Minecraft screenshots! You can click on them to open them in their original size.

Floating island to the right, hard chunk borders to the left.
12 August, 2018: We generated the right side in 1.12. In 1.13, they removed some world generation features.
The central end island, extremely distorted.
18 May, 2019: Acid Shaders are something else, aren't they?
The chat reads “And then edit and run this command.And then this one.” 19 times, followed by “Executed 65536 commands from function 'cat_trans:jellie'”.
15 July, 2019: This is the default max number of commands a function can run. We had accidentally made an infinite loop.
The camera is tilted. The viewer is being attacked by another player, who is holding a large diamond sword with a purple and yellow design on the hilt.
7 February, 2020: The sword our opponent is using is based on a toy sword a friend carved for us.
The viewer is at the bottom of a 3 by 3 hole with a player named Maid_Zedaph, who is wearing youtuber Zedaph's skin with a maid costume.
18 May, 2020: We got stuck at the bottom of an elevator shaft at a virtual con.
A wither built on its side under the end exit portal, except one of its heads is not attached. A player stands on that head, looking at the viewer.
27 July, 2020: I don't think that's how you summon a wither...
A shulker on its side in the end exit portal. It is named Projectile Vomit.
21 August, 2020: Dragged this guy all the way to the overworld for "How Did We Get Here?"
Very tall cliffs and floating islands in a snowy taiga. There are bridges between the islands and a beacon beam through one on the left.
23 December, 2020: A base on our private SMP.
An enderman in a boat. It is named Enderfriend.
22 January, 2021
The phrase “gay lol” written out of modded rainbowy blocks.
13 April, 2021: We made this mod when we were like 12, never made another since.
Front third-person view. The viewer is in a box made of translucent orange blocks. The viewer is wearing rainbow armor and its hotbar contains a rainbow pickaxe, a rainbow wand, and a circular rainbow item.
13 April, 2021: The same mod.
The camera is tilted. There is a spawner in the middle of a large, excavated room. There are cobwebs and spiders under it. One spider is attacking the viewer.
29 April, 2021
A multi-tiered treehouse. The viewer has shaders enabled, making the treehouse glow.
17 July, 2021: Puffin built this :D
An in-game screen displaying the Minecraft website.
3 August, 2021: This mod hooks into virtualbox. We installed EndeavourOS in Minecraft.
A dark forest island shaped like a unicorn.
4 September, 2021
The world is cut off. The viewer is over the void. Water from an ocean forms a strange pattern.
23 December, 2021: This is actually a superflat world in the middle. Something broke it and it started generating void, and then we tried using the 1.18 blender on it.
The viewer stands on an obsidian pillar on the central end island. The outer end islands are within view. There is a long, red path to the outer islands.
18 February, 2022: That's how we got Projectile Vomit across.
Various portals and paths on the nether roof. Shaders make the lights around the paths glow different colors. There are beacon beams to the right.
3 April, 2022: A nether highway from our private SMP.
There is a chunk missing in front of the viewer. At the same distance is a line beyond which it is nearly pitch-black. The viewer's X coordinate is 33554300
17 March, 2023: Farlands in 1.19. That missing chunk crashes your game if you get too close...
Many explosion particles. There are various colors of concrete powder in the air and on the ground.
17 June, 2023: Someone called this the aftermath of a clown orgy.
Third-person view. The viewer is in a boat with another player. They are on a lake surrounded by cliffs. One of the cliffs looks vaguely like an Among Us crewmate.
29 July, 2023: Don't say don't say it don't say it.
A mountain with two visible peaks during sunset. The left peak has a nether portal in the side. There is a wooden bridge between the peaks. The right peak has a set of stairs to a small platform at the top. There is a small building under the bridge.
20 December, 2023: Our current base on our private SMP.