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love love love love love fanon Grian

originally published to cohost on February 29, 2024

written by Dragon

We barely even watch his actual channel—he's not even my favorite Hermit, that would be escalator 5—but Blond Guy With Wings And A Tragic Backstory is so so so important to me. You don't understand. It's all about the winged human shit and the watcher shit (and don't even get me started on how watchers are absolutely endermen). Like, as a human, this is how I should look. My human form is literally just fanon Grian. You have no clue.

On that note... go look at this image while listening to this song, and then go watch this video as well. And then once you're done with those, go watch this video.

As well! Season 6 lives rent free in our head (mostly mine, but we literally have a Grian and a Herobrine so they get some credit) and the amount of callbacks to it in Season 10 is starting to get a bit scary.

an addendum on March 25, 2024

The linked image is a redraw of an “Angel With A Shotgun” background image as Grian. The original image is the one found attached to the linked song, which is a nightcore remix of “Angel With A Shotgun” by The Cab. The third link is to an animated music video by roenais of “Angel With A Shotgun” about Third Life SMP. It includes a depiction of Watcher Grian. The final link is to an animatic by Maci about the fanfiction And The Universe Shifts by aayaptre, which is a source of much of watcher fanon, set to “Karma” by AJR.