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noemata notes

written: September 2023

updated: November 2023

written by Dragon

Noemata (singular: noema) are things one “just knows”, as it were, about their kintype. They can be specific memories or general knowledge. These lists are a living document and will be expanded as I realize more.

notes on dragon noemata

  • I have green scales
  • I have a light green, almost yellow underbelly
  • I have large, batlike wings
  • I am about the size of a polar bear
  • I am built like a cat
  • I can spit fire by exhaling a flammable gas from an organ above my lungs and sparking it in my throat
  • I prefer to run, rather than fly, when I can
  • I live wild in the forest
  • I can speak some level of language
  • I mostly eat small mammals
  • I have a thick, powerful tail that tapers to a point

notes on enderman noemata

  • we are social creatures
  • we either are primates or are reptiles that appear similar to primates due to convergent evolution
  • we typically enjoy exploring, either alone or in small groups
  • we have purple or blue tongues, similar to giraffes
  • we typically have a love for flowers
  • we have rough skin, possibly scaly
  • we do have some sort of language (it is not the "alien language" Ranboo used; that's an unrelated script)
  • our skin is like an armadillo's armor