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species transition

originally published to cohost on December 31, 2023

written by Dragon

I've been thinking today about species transition. This morning, I dreamt I looked down at my wrists and my skin was becoming scales. It wasn't transformation in minutes like in TF or werewolf stories. It was like puberty where you notice a small change and know it will be greater when you notice again in a few months.

I shared the dream I had in Kinoc-Kayfar (a time dragon)'s discord server, and he offered that this is why he's a transhumanist. He, a couple other dragons, and I talked about uploading minds to computers, plural liberation, and existing body modification.

This all has spurred in me... not a new desire, but one that I've had for a long time and not really been able to act on. I want to transition my species, just like I'm transitioning my gender. We joke about "dragon HRT" and I think I'm not alone in wishing it wasn't a joke.

I've wanted a tattoo of wings on my back for a long time now; I haven't gotten any tattoos at all because I've been thinking about what I want my first to be, but I think I know now 😉.

I've also heard that horn implants are a thing, but I know plastic surgery can be prohibitively expensive, so that one's a bit pie-in-the-sky unfortunately. Speaking of plastic surgery, I know people do get various parts of their faces reshaped sometimes. Thinking about muzzles, I wonder (as a complete lay-dragon to this field) how extensively it is possible and safe to change a face's shape.

As for the question of a tail, I have a beautiful aluminum tail I bought from dragonheartart.com. I've also heard of tails that connect to the body in such a way that they're very controllable, which interests me but I don't know for sure that I would want one.

I'm not even gonna try with fire breath. Yes, that's doable. No, I don't want to do stunts like that with a human-born face and throat.

This is what I want transspecies to be. Right now, it's basically a synonym for otherkin and therians—which I have no problem with; I am otherkin and therian myself—and I want it to include real potential for transition, like transgender does.

I have heard of the pain caused by scammers who took advantage of vulnerable, dysphoric nonhumans, offering them a quick fix of magic shapeshifting. I want a better, brighter future, where we shapeshift as transgender people do, as I being transgender have already done.