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a quick discussion on why MCYT 'kin are fictionkin

originally published to tumblr with no title on December 23, 2023>

written by babydog and Voxel(s)


are there any minecraft youtubers otherkin in my audience? i have a question: why dont you identify as diaunthric (factkin?)

ive noticed minecraft youtuber otherkin people using 'kin language around their identity and im confused as to why if they're based on real-life human people, why not use diaunthric launguage? every other online personality 'kinned person ive met uses diaunthric language (including youtubers, streamers, etc), but anyone who identifies within minecraft dream's friends(?) kin uses "regular" otherkin language

for the record, i literally dont care, im just curious what makes the minecraft youtuber 'kin different from other youtuber 'kin


I'm not MCYT ‘kin, but I am in the fandom and we do have a MCYT fictive and factive.

Our fictive doesn't identify with the real life youtuber at all. We've seen pictures of this guy, and he looks and sounds nothing like him. Our fictive looks more like, and identifies more with, the fictionalized version that is our brain's (and fanartists') interpretation of what his Minecraft skin would look like as an actual person.

Our factive I haven't talked directly too much (I think he's a protector or gatekeeper?) and he's a different sort of case because he just looks and sounds like the guy, but doesn't really identify with him to my knowledge.

I have talked to MCYT ‘kin as well, and when they do share memories and such with me, those memories are of the events in the roleplay stories and are real to them, similar to the experiences of fictionkin of novel or TV show characters.

(also no they're not all Dream's friends, and a lot who were his friends aren't anymore because he sucks (for real reasons, not joke or game-related reasons))